Our group of companies offers different services in the Oil & Gas industry
United Aviation was established in 2006,as an Iraqi  Aviation Company catering the  increasing demand in passenger and air cargo transportation to and from Iraq.
One of the activities characteristic of Al Muften group is the commercial agencies of major international companies, as Al Muften group is the agent of Honeywell International Companies
Al Muften Company of navigation and maritime services was founded in 1988 as marine company with
Al Sur Company Founded in 2003, immediately after the changes that have occurred in that year, and the need for a private sector participation
Al Mara'ei Corporation (established 1976) and one of Al Muften Group has covered the Iraqi market in a huge and exclusive distribution policy in 2004 with a quota of 65 available food items. .

About Us

Al Muften brothers launched latheethe meat trading and processing company in Baghdad – Iraq in 1976, the operation was the seeds and cornerstone of the present group in variety of lines of businesses.