United Aviation was established in 2006,as an Iraqi Aviation Company catering the increasing demand in passenger and air cargo transportation to and from Iraq.
This demand is marked by the fact that Iraq will be witnessing phenomenal growth in development and constructions projects.

For many years to come, the programs to rebuild Iraq would require extensive transportation and movement of merchandize and in considerable numbers and quantities.
The company has laid ambitious plans for the future with the aim of participating in the air transport operations inside and outside Iraq. Main services will targeting tourism and serving those who work in the development and reconstruction projects.

Additionally cargo lift would be and ever increasing requirement which United Aviation plans to fill in the necessary cargo aircraft and services.
United Aviation will also offer the services of a corporate jet fleet, operated under EASA's high standard, thus offering all clients a complete package of all aviation services support.

About Us

Al Muften brothers launched latheethe meat trading and processing company in Baghdad – Iraq in 1976, the operation was the seeds and cornerstone of the present group in variety of lines of businesses.