Food & Beverages

Al Mara'ei Corporation (established 1976) and one of Al Muften Group has covered the Iraqi market in a huge and exclusive distribution policy in 2004 with a quota of 65 available food items. The company runs a bakery and diary industries with a total product of 165 different items. Recently, it has merged in a joint venture with the International Pepsi Cola to be known as IDJ Company.

Al Muften group is one of the biggest share holders in Baghdad Pepsi Cola.  The operation of the company was extended to include water industry. Aquafina Water Company which belongs to Pepsi Cola is under the process to install all the production line and other accessories within few months. The Aquafina brand works together with another brand (Pearl) owned by the company to make a giant water industry that resides on top of the total 45 water companies in Iraq as they work according to international standards. The strategy of the company is built cohesively to lead the Iraqi market in food and beverages industries.

About Us

Al Muften brothers launched latheethe meat trading and processing company in Baghdad – Iraq in 1976, the operation was the seeds and cornerstone of the present group in variety of lines of businesses.